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    Classic route
    Day1. Arrive in Beijing and check in the hotel.
    Day2. Sightseeing to Tian’anmen Square, Palace Museum, Summer Palace.
    Day3. Tour to the Great Wall, then go to Xi’an By high-speed rail.
    Day4. Tour to Terracotta Warriors Museum ,Ancient City Wall in Xi’an and walk along the Muslim street.
    Day5. Take the flight to Guilin, sightseeing in the Reed Flute Cave, and the Elephant Hill Park. Transferred back to hotel after the tour.
    Day6. Go for a cruise on the Lijiang River, go sightseeing in Yangshuo county, and then flight to Hangzhou city.
    Day7. Visit Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, and West Lake
    Day8. Visit the Tea Garden,then go to Shanghai by high-speed rail.
    Day9. Sightseeing in the bund, Chenghuang Temple, the Jade Buddha Temple.
    Day10.Leave from Shanghai.
    Summer PalaceThe Great WallTerracotta Warriors Museum
    Guilin West Lake the bund
    Regular lines
    Day1.Arrive in Beijing,check in the hotel.
    Day2. Sightseeing to? Tian’anmen Square, Palace Museum, then tour to Hutong by tricycle.
    Day3. Tour to the Great Wall and the Summer Palace.
    Day4. Tour to the Shaolin Temple in Henan by Bus, then go to Luoyang city.
    Day5. Visiting Luoyang Longmen Grottoes and White Horse Temple, then to go to xi 'an by plane.
    Day6. Tour to Terracotta Warriors ,Ancient City Wall in Xi’an and walk along the Muslim street.
    Day7. Fly to Hangzhou from Xi’an,and visit Lingyin Temple and West Lake.
    Day8. Taking high-speed train to Shanghai, visit the bund, Yuyuan Garden, Chenghuang Temple
    Day9. Visit the jade Buddha temple and the town of zhujiajiao.
    Day10.Leave from Shanghai.
    ?Lingyin Temple Longmen Grottoes Yuyuan Garden
    Shanxi Pingyao
    Day1. Arrive in Pingyao,check in the Chinese style characteristic inn.
    Day2. Visit the ancient city of pingyao, the Family’s wang’s Courtyard

    ???In the ancient city of pingyao,you can see Pingyao county government, Rishengchang bank,which is the first bank in China, and Pingyao city wall, Confucious Temple etc.
    In the Family’s wang’s Courtyard, we can see Gaojiaya building complex, Red Door Fort building complex, Xiaoyi Temple etc.

    ???Family Wang’s Grand Courtyard building structure, inherited the formation of” qian tang hou qin” formed in western zhou dynasty, not only provide sufficient space for communication to the outside, but also meets the requirements of intimate atmosphere inside. It shows the differences between the respected and the humble, the order of the younger and the elder. In total, the building complex vividly demonstrate the rites of Confucianism.
    Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan province
    Day1. Arrive in JiuZhaigou scenic spots.
    Day2. Visit the beautiful jiuzhaigo

    ???Jiuzhaigou is a wonderland composed with emerald sea, folded waterfall, colorful forest, clouds, peaks and colorful Tibetan style. Jiuzhaigou’s landscape is mainly distributed in three main valleys, the Shuzheng valley, the Rize valley, Zezhawa valley. The widest, tallest and most majestic three waterfalls in the scenic area are Pearl Waterfalls, Nuorilang Falls, Panda waterfalls. And other 108 alpine lakes and dozens of flowing springs and waterfalls. The most unusual landscape is the most beautiful Jiuzhaigou water which is clear and changeable.
    ?jiuzhaigou ?jiuzhaigou jiuzhaigou
    Dunhuang gansu province
    Day1. Arrive in the starting point of the Great Wall of jiayuguan.

    ??? Jiayuguan Pass Town, the western starting point of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty,was initially built in 1372, is reputed as the “Impregnable Pass Under Heaven” or “The Frontier Throat” for its strategic commanding position and grand structures.?

    Day2. Tour to Dunhuang county, Visit the Crescent Lake, Singing Sands Mountain ,and ride on a camel.

    ??? The Scenic Spot, which is under the Singing Sands Mountain, locates at 5km south of Dunhuang, Gansu Province. Since time immemorial, the scenic spot is famous across the whole world for its “Coexistence of mountain and spring, sand and water”. It is listed as National Key Tourist Attractions of the Peaple’s Republic of China in 1994.

    Day3. Visit the world cultural heritage -- the Mogao Grottoes.

    ??? Dunhuang Caves is one of the most important cultural relics in China, and is also famous for its beautiful painted murals and clayey sculptures in the world. There are 552 rock caves in all in the Dunhuang frescoes including a thousand Buddhism holes.
    Summer Palace The Mogao Grottoes. The Mogao Grottoes.